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Two-piece chaseway attaches to side of dock sections, allowing conduit for utilities. Available in 60" or 20" wide sections, and with stainless-steel hardware option.
Part #: 302060, 303260SS
(60" Length x 20" Width)
Part #: 302020, 302020SS
(20" Length x 20" Width)
Utility conduit can be tucked neatly inside two-piece chaseway attached at junction of dock sections. Available with stainless-steel hardware.
Part #: 302030, 302030SS
Convenient for installations in which dock layout requires utility conduit to be installed around the outside corner of a dock section. Available with stainless-steel hardware.
Part #: 302040, 302040SS

The new EZ Dock polyethylene dock bench is now available. The bench comes without the arms, which are sold separately. The arms have cup holders molded in which are large enough to fit a foam holder with a beverage can. The bench kit includes the right and left galvanized angle iron brackets, two polyethylene planks, and all the hardware for the brackets and planks. The planks are available separately and can be used on the old style wood bench frame for replacement of the wood planks. The planks can be attached to the old frame using lag screws.
Part Number 300965               Polyethylene Bench Kit
Part Number 300966               Polyethylene Arms For Bench Kit
Part Number S35965               Polyethylene Planks For Bench

The 12" Tie-Up Cleat Bracket Kit is now available. The kit includes the galvanized 12" cleat and attaching bracket, a hardware connector with a nut. The 12" cleat bracket is to be used where boats from 20' to 35' lengths dock, since this size boats use larger mooring ropes. Part # 300112

There are now some half hexagon or trapezoid shaped docks available from EZ Dock.

Dock bumpers are also available. They are made of a softer type of plastic (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) and add further protection for your boat.

Page 2 of new products